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Fall Open Enrollment for Medicare: What You Need to Know

The Medicare enrollment period for the 2021 year has officially arrived. Between October 15 and December 7, Americans can apply for Medicare or switch their healthcare plans, which will go into effect on January 1, 2021. To help walk you through what this open enrollment period means, and to help you choose a Medicare plan, we've created this short open enrollment guide below. When is the Medicare enrollment period for 2021? The Medicare open enrollment period for the upcoming year begins on Thursday, October 15, and ends Monday, December 7. Those enrolling in Medicare can apply at this time either for new coverage or different coverage policies. This Medicare enrollment period is the only time that enrollees can: Enroll in a stand-alone prescription drug plan, also known as a Medicare Part D [...]

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A Detailed Guide on Medicare Supplement Plans

There are over 66.7 million beneficiaries of Medicare in the country today. Medicare parts A and part B cover only up to 80% of total medical costs. Private and independent insurers usually cover the gap left through offering Medicare supplement insurance covers -- hence why this insurance is also known as Medigap. Medicare supplement plans are vital in filling the gaps in Original Medicare. Medigap helps pay for certain Medicare deductibles, co-insurance, and co-payment costs. It helps reduce the out-of-pocket medical expenses to little or zero cost. Gaps in Medicare Part A and Part B Medicare Part A covers for in-hospital and hospice services. Some of the gaps within the policy include: Hospital deductibles Co-insurance payments after 60 days stay Hospital services after the 150 days per spell of illness Medicare Part [...]

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Cancer Costs and Health Insurance Coverage: What Patients Need to Know

No one wants to face the possibility of a scary health condition. But unfortunately, the possibility of a cancer diagnosis is a situation that many Americans face. In fact, one in three women and one in every two men are diagnosed with cancer during their lifetimes. And while this medical scenario is one that can impact patients of any age, approximately 87% of all individuals diagnosed with cancer are older than 50. If you've invested in healthcare coverage for many years, you might assume that the majority of any costs related to your cancer diagnosis will be covered by your policy. Even for the 60 million Americans who rely on Medicare for their health insurance coverage will find that their policies come up short. For one thing, 60% of cancer costs are [...]

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7 Top Benefits of Getting an Independent Medicare Supplement Insurance Agent

For the over 59 million Medicare beneficiaries, there is a lot of pressure to find the right plan that best meets their healthcare needs. Most people end up choosing a separate Medigap Insurance plan to lower out of pocket costs not covered under the Original Medicare cover. With many Medicare supplement plans available, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the options you may have. Independent Medicare Supplement Insurance agents can smoothen the process of finding the program that bridges the gaps in your Original Medicare. Here are seven benefits of working with one. 1. Medigap Expertise The licensed agents are trained professionals with years of experience in handling Medicare enrollments and program operations. Browsing through the different Medigap plan options can be quite confusing. Independent Medicare Supplement Insurance Agents can walk [...]

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