A Medicare supplement or Medigap insurance plan is a private form of medical insurance that bridges the gaps left by Medicare. These gaps can be health care costs like co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles.

Medicare and Medigap can be complex. There are parts and plans that only the most experienced professionals can understand. There are also many myths and misconceptions about these plans. Read on to understand the truth about the 5 common myths about Medicare and Medigap.

Myth 1 – Medicare is free for those above 65 years of age

This is not true in most cases. The premium for Medicare Part B is typically paid as a deduction from your social security check. If you are not receiving social security, you can pay this quarterly. The amount is based on your income.

Myth 2 – End of year enrolment period applies to Medicare supplement, or Medigap plans

Many people mistakenly believe that the end-of-the-year period also applies to Medicare Supplement, or Medigap. The end-of-the-year period only applies to Medicare Advantage and Part D plans.

Myth 3 – Medicare Advantage plans are a type of Medicare supplement

Medicare Advantage plans are different from Medicare supplement plans. They take the place of Medicare A & B, whereas supplement or Medigap plans truly supplement Medicare.

Myth 4 – Medicare does not cover any preventive care

Medicare does provide coverage for some amount of preventive care but this will not cover things like supplements. However, Medicare does cover a physical when you turn 65 and also an annual wellness check-up.

Myth 5 – I need to find out if my doctor takes this Medigap plan

People have always worried whether their insurance is paying their claims in full or quickly enough. But these concerns do not concern the “over-65” insurance, with respect to the Medicare and Medigap plan. Medigap claims are paid through the Medicare crossover system. And they are paid in the same amount on the same time schedule, regardless of your Medigap carrier. Medigap plans do not have networks, so, if a doctor takes Medicare, they are required to take the standardized Medigap plans.


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